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Top-Quality Child Placement Services

Rainbow of Love helps people to navigate through the Child Adoption Process: Infants and Children from 0 to 18 years old.

Today, in Texas, there are Thousands of Children in the Foster Care System ready to be adopted by Families. These Children need Families to rely on with loving homes.


Rainbow of Love wants to make a change and find loving Families to these Children.

With many years of experience in the adoption process, we have seen it all. We have the knowledge and experience to help you through this stressful journey. We are committed to providing child placement services for every qualified parent.

Our State Adoption Program

Rainbow of Love believes that every Child deserves to have Love, Safety and Permanence in their Life. Every person who is committed and qualified to be a Parent should have the opportunity to parent and build a happy family.

The children currently in foster care are legally free to be placed with an adoptive family. They may be Preschool or School age and may have Siblings. They all may be from minority cultures or physically, mentally and emotionally challenged due to circumstances inflicted upon them by others. 

They will need you to help them turn their lives around.

If you feel that you can open your home, your heart, and your family to a child or to siblings who need someone stable, open, and patient like you, Rainbow of Love will help you through adoption and child placement services.

Rainbow of Love knows how much it represents to open your own Life to State Adoption and the challenge it will be. But Rainbow of Love also knows that this is for The Greater Good! And one or more children will benefit of it.

Your home study will be completed in a maximum of 6 weeks. If your home study and your background check are approved, During the home study process, you will be trained as per Texas state requirements. You will be provided with reading materials that help facilitate a successful adoption of a waiting child. You will stay in close contact with your Case Manager all along the process and you will find together the children who match best you and your family.

* There is a minimal fee for application and home study for the state adoption program.

Grandparents adopting their Grandchildren

Grandparents & Family relatives are the premiere Great Parents!

If your grandchildren or family relatives are currently in the state’s foster care system, are free for adoption, and you want to adopt them, Rainbow of Love would love to help you adopt a grandchild.

For you, we will waive the application fee, training fee and home study fee because we know that you will be 100% committed to your grandchild or family relative. Your home study will take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete and thereafter will be sent to your Grandchild’s or family relative's worker.

You will also be in close contact with your Case Manager until the adoption is finalized.

We can never guarantee that the state will approve grandparent adoption or relatives adopting a child of their family, but we do guarantee that you will be treated fairly and with the respect and dignity that you deserve.